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Office Tutorials

  • Windows
    • Creating and Opening Zipped (Compressed) folders [PDF]
    • Using the Print Screen key to create images [PDF]
  • Word
    • Saving Word 2007 for older versions and Opening Word 2007 documents [PDF]
    • Headers and Footers with Page and Section Breaks  [video] [PDF]
    • Links, Images, Clipart, and Tables  [video] [PDF]
    • Comments and Track Changes  [video] [PDF]
  • Excel
    • Using Functions to write and copy Formulas [video] [PDF]
    • Worksheets and Charts [video] [PDF]
    • Sorting and Filtering data  [video] [PDF]
  • PowerPoint
    • Inserting Clipart, Images, and Sounds [video] [PDF]
    • Design Templates, Color Schemes, and Animation [video] [PDF]
    • Setting up a Master Slide [video] [PDF]
    • Transitions, Animations, and Timers  [video] [PDF]
    • Compressing Images for Faster Uploads/Downloads  [video] [PDF]
  • Outlook
    • Setting up Group Meetings and adding Appointments [video] [PDF]
    • Creating Distribution Lists and adding personal Contacts [video] [PDF]
    • Read Receipts, Voting, Importance, and Priority [video] [PDF]
    • Creating mail Signatures [video] [PDF]

Office Lectures

  • Word
    • Making Comments and Track Changes  [video]
    • Settings up Pages and Headers and Footers  [video]
    • Creating a Table  [video]
    • Adding Hyperlinks and Pictures  [video]
  • Excel
    • Formulas [video]
    • Adding and Copying Worksheets to Workbooks  [video]
    • Sorting Data  [video]
  • PowerPoint
    • Selecting Slide Designs  [video]
    • Changing the Master Slide  [video]
    • Importing Pictures, Clipart, Audio Files, and Animation [video]
    • Setting up a Show [video]
  • Outlook
    • Using the Calendar and Setting up Group Meetings [video]
    • Distribution Lists and Adding Contacts [video]
    • Using Special Send features and Setting up Signatures [video]
    • Settings up Signatures  [video]
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